Driven by a vibrant zeal to offer creative solutions, Sunway Display System is engineering a vast range of products used predominantly in educational institutions, corporate offices, and convention centers. Based in New Delhi, we are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of Office Pin Up Board, Magnetic Display Board, Magnetic Writing Glass Boards, White Board Tripod Stand, Wooden School Podium and plenty of other products. We are living in an age where not only the quality of products matter but their looks also influence decisions. Those days are long dead when the utility of things gained more traction among consumers than their appearance. Now, what has changed is the preferences of people toward products that turn a few eyeballs while the primacy of quality remains intact for them.

Our company is led by dynamic business thinkers who have a passion for creating vibrant products for educational institutions. Contemporary educational campuses in the majority of places have taken a departure from sticking to the conventional amenities dotting the entire building premises. Modern colleges and schools want everything to be of great appeal to the extent of evoking awe and silent admiration from people. Sensing such revolutionary transformation in building infrastructure and assets, we ventured into this business with the focus on bringing product designs that have always been ahead of their time.

Our Team

The stature we have acquired today in the industry would not have been possible without the support of our team. Our team comprises professionals who are passionate about creating remarkable product designs that blend seamlessly with the modern architecture of schools, colleges, universities, and all kinds of educational institutions. It is because of their untiring efforts, that we are successfully manufacturing an outstanding array of Magnetic Display Board, Magnetic Writing Glass Boards, Office Pin Up Board, Wooden School Podium, White Board Tripod Stand, and other products in our range.

Our Quality

While having a little extra interest in the design, we never shift our focus from the quality standards of the products we manufacture. We have come to terms with the challenges that come with creating appealing designs without compromising on technical specifications. Quality is always a top priority at our company. Our ability to manufacture trendy, durable, and appealing products with the highest quality standards makes us a reliable entity in the market.

Modern Infrastructure

We have developed a sophisticated infrastructure for designing and manufacturing top-quality White Board Tripod Stand, Wooden School Podium, Office Pin Up Board, Magnetic Display Board, Magnetic Writing Glass Boards, and all other products in our range. The facilities include a design development center, a manufacturing unit, a research and development wing, and a quality testing facility. Our modern infrastructure empowers us to consistently meet our production targets as well as comply with the delivery deadlines. We maintain the facilities in top condition through regular upgradation and overhauling exercises so that production is never hampered.

Why Us?

With over two decades of experience, we have created a trusted position in the market. Our customers continue to invest their faith in us. Several factors have combined to establish our reputation in the market. Some distinguishable aspects that are worth a mention here, are:

  • Excellent designing competence with the ability to improvise product designs when needed
  • Modern infrastructure equipped with efficient machines
  • Total abstinence from ambiguous commitments
  • A business model based on the principle of promises are meant to be kept, not broken

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